Web System

Supply Chain Basic Analytics System SCBAS

SCBAS is a system for basic analysis of supply chains.

Shift Optimization System OptShift

OptShift is an optimization system that can assign jobs to workers on an hourly basis and can make a 30-day shift in a few minutes.

Vehicle Routing System METRO

METRO is a vehicle routing optimization system that cuts distribution costs by optimizing vehicle routes using fastest and robust metaheuristics.

Safety Sock Allocation System MESSA

MESSA is designed to find an optimal allocation of safety stocks for multiple inventory points in supply chain.

Service Network Design System SENDO

SENDO is a system for optimizing long-distance transportation networks such as delivery services.

Supply Chain Risk Analysis System MERIODAS

MERIODAS is a supply chain rIsk oriented disruption Analysis System.

Logistics Network Design System MELOS

MELOS provides a strategic planning capability that is used to design “truly” optimal logistics networks and production plans.

Lotsizing Optimization System OptLot

OptLot provides an optimal lot-sizing decision.

Demand Forcasting System BD Forecast

BD Forecast is a demand forecasting system.

Optimization Solver

Scheduling Optimization Solver OptSeq

OptSeq provides an optimal scheduling decision for manufacturing.

Constraint Programming Solver SCOP

SCOP is a solver used to quickly solve large-scale constraint optimization problems.